Housing and accommodation

Housing aid and benefits related to COVID




SUPPORT CENTRE FOR THE HOMELESS (ALBERGUE DE TRINITARIOS). Avenida de Guipúzcoa, 3. Telephone 948 104 902. Municipal service managed by the Xilema Foundation.

Aimed at people who lack housing and work and are in a situation of severe exclusion and with high social vulnerability caused by extreme poverty, addictions, lack of family network, illness, complex needs, etc., which make their social reintegration difficult. Minors are not allowed: For people who are passing through, travelling (3 nights a year maximum) and people registered in Pamplona, with a worker or social worker´s REPORT (6 months maximum). Basic needs are met with compulsory and optional activities -leisure and free time. No access requirements during the cold snap: November 1 to March.

HOSTEL VOUCHERS – UPAS SERVICE – Municipal Police (Protection and Social Action Unit of the Pamplona / Iruña City Council). Telephone 092 and 948 420 640 and SOCIAL SERVICES. Vouchers are provided for the homeless in urgent need of accommodation. First night’s stay on recommendation of the Municipal Police. Further nights at the discretion of Neighbourhood Social Services.

ALSASUA. HOSTEL. Avenida Pamplona s/n. Telephone 948 467 662.

TUDELA. SUPPORT CENTRE FOR THE HOMELESS – HOSTEL. Pasaje de la Milagrosa Street. Telephone. 948 411 620.


Emergency centre, shelter and sheltered apartment to protect and care for those women at risk of gender violence who are forced to leave their homes, and their children & dependents. More information.

Four-seater housing for women involved in prostitution and with urgent accommodation needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Provided by the General Directorate of Housing, in collaboration with the Navarro Institute for Equality / Nafarroako Berdintasunerako Institutua (INAI / NABI) and NASUVINSA.


Network of centres and flats throughout Navarra that provides care, language courses and other training. Navarra Government Program; subdirectorate for Family & Minors (Government of Navarra). Calle Abejeras 5 bis, 7 and 9. 31008 Pamplona. Telephone 848 421 210 and 848 421 260. More information.


Housing managed by SALHAKETA –Pamplona Prisoners Support Association. Calle Irunlarrea 59, ground floor. Contact: salhaketa.nafarroa@gmail.com Telephone. 625 175 556.

Aimed at those in custody at the Pamplona penitentiary who are in the third degree or close to obtaining it, in compliance with alternative measures and / or conditional release, who lack their own home or cannot use it, because those who do not have a home are denied permits derived from third degree or parole. The objective is to try to reduce the time spent in prison and serve as a transition to life in freedom. It includes food, accommodation and, where appropriate, a public transport card, clothing, hygiene products, etc.

The educational team works with the individual to devise a bespoke programme building towards self-reliance; preparing an intervention project that addresses various factors such as the economy, training & incorporation into the labor market, social & family relationships, health issues or healthy lifestyle & leisure habits, helping to re-establish supportive social networks. After leaving the apartment, they continue to offer accompaniments to facilitate and support social reincorporation, as well as medical treatments or administrative procedures.



Foral Social Housing Fund. To serve socially-excluded people and those at risk of same, who require support to access a home. It has more than 100 homes throughout Navarra, managed by NASUVINSA. Some of the properties are managed by different NGOs or social interest organisations to facilitate access to housing in the development of their programs. Contact: info@nasuvinsa.es. Telephone 848 420 600.

PAMPLONA / IRUÑEA CITY COUNCIL. Aimed at individuals and families in need of emergency housing with 2 years of proven residence in Pamplona and whose family unit does not exceed a specified maximum income. They are awarded by scale for 3 years and must be supported by a Social Services Report. Applications must be submitted at the Pamplona Housing Office. Descalzos Street 47-53. Telephone. 948 420 095. More information.

OTHER CITY COUNCILS OF NAVARRA (inquire at the General Social Service of each City Council):

Baztan City Council.

Berriozar City Council.

Huarte City Council.

Tafalla City Council.

Tudela City Council.

Community of Social Services of the Noain Area.


PROTECTED RENTAL HOUSING for people with legal status (papers in order), a minimum income of €3,000 in the previous year’s Income Statement, registered in the applicant’s census and according to a scale. Managed by NASUVINSA. Telephone. 848 420 600.


GENERAL SOCIAL SERVICES in Pamplona are decentralized into 12 Neighbourhood Units. SOCIAL SERVICES search engine.

GOVERNMENT OF NAVARRA. Calle Alhóndiga 1-1º. Pamplona. Telephone 848 427 570.

DAVID program: benefits to help pay the rent of a habitual residence, for families with limited economic resources.

EMANZIPA Program. Rental aid to support the emancipation of young people from 23 to 31 years old.

Housing rental assistance to single-parent families overcrowded due to insufficient income by 2021.


Subsidies for minors from 0 to 12 years old (or up to 16 if they have a disability). 2021.

Rental aid for families living in poor housing conditions 2021

Subsidies for social emergency aid. 2021.

Temporary request for municipal housing for individuals and family units in a social emergency situation

Services for the socially-excluded. Municipal soup kitchen On Egin and service for the homeless



EISOVI. Social Incorporation in Housing Team. Social incorporation service through housing – facilitating the social inclusion of people affected by serious residential exclusion. Accessed via General Social Services. Managed by the Adsis Santa Lucía Foundation. Avenida San Jorge 75- 1º. Pamplona. Telephone 948 302 627. More information.

Housing Service of the Government of Navarra (Department of Spatial Planning, Housing, Landscape and Strategic Projects). Calle Alhóndiga, 1 – 1º. 31002. Pamplona. Telephone: 848 426 812.


PAMPLONA. TERESIANAS RESIDENCE. Offering accommodation to women with minors in urgent need of housing. Accessed via General Social Services or organisations that provide social support. Contact: Esperanza. Calle Mayor, 67-69 -71. Telephone: 657 035 309

PAMPLONA. DIOCESAN CARITAS RESIDENCE. Welcomes families with dependent minors. Contact: Calle San Antón, 8 – 1º. Telephone 948 225 909.

BURLADA. SANTA MARÍA RESIDENCE. DIOCESAN CARITAS. It welcomes both women and men who are homeless and have been registered in Navarra for at least 2 years. It complements the service of the San Francisco Center. Contact: Ronda de las Ventas, 29. Telephone 948 221 223.

CIRIZA. VIDA NUEVA CENTER. Welcomes people at risk of social exclusion. Contact: Camino del Molino, s / n. Telephone: 948 322 201.

ORORBIA. REFUGE HOGAR ZOE. Welcomes convalescents at risk of social exclusion. Contact: Carretera Etxauri, s / n. Telephone 925 216 377.


PAMPLONA. Platform of People Affected by the Mortgage (PAH) of the Old Town. Contact: pahvivienda@gmail.com.Telephone: 695 049 511/648 265 920. Meetings on Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. in Calle Calderería 11, under Pamplona / Iruñea. Platform for People Affected by the Mortgage / Afectad@s por la Hipoteca (PAH) of San Jorge – Sanduzelai. Labaien, 17 ground floor (Room 3 of the San Jorge – Sanduzelai Community Center). Contact: pahsanduzelai@gmail.com. Telephone: 628 645 850. Assembly: Tuesday. Welcome from 5.30 p.m.  to 6.30 p.m. Assembly 6.30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Neighbourhood Association.

BERRIOZAR. Platform of People Affected by the Mortgage (PAH). Contact: pah.berriozar@gmail.com. Telephone: 644 214 354. Assembly: Monday, 6.30 pm in Calle Etxaburua (House of Culture).

TAFALLA. Platform for People Affected by the Mortgage (PAH). Tafalla Civic Center. Contact: pahtafalla@gmail.com. Telephone: 619 117 397. Assembly: Monday. 19h. Reception 18h.

RIBERA. Platform of People Affected by the Mortgage (PAH). Contact: pah.riberanavarra@hotmail.com. Telephone: 654 929 932. Assembly: Monday 6 p.m.  Centro Lasa (Barrio de Lourdes). Welcomes new cases; meetings at 8 p.m.

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