All persons resident in Navarre, whether or not they have a Health Card, will be treated by the Navarre Health Service / Osasunbidea.

If you think you are suffering from symptoms of coronavirus, call the Health Center that corresponds to you, call 948 290 290 -Health Council- or, if you need urgent attention, 112. The telephone numbers 948 290 and 112 and the health centres have translation systems so that those who cannot communicate in Spanish or Basque can do so in their native language.

Navarro Health Service / Osasunbidea

All persons who have been resident in Navarre for more than three months, regardless of age, nationality or legal or administrative status, are entitled to free health care provided by the Public Health System of Navarre. In case of an emergency situation, they will always be treated, even if they have been living in Navarre for less than 3 months.

In order to be able to access primary and specialized public health care, it is necessary to accredit 3 months of residence in Navarre and to request an appointment from the social worker of the health center corresponding to the address of registration to process the Individual Card Sanitary.

INDIVIDUAL HEALTH CARD (TIS). It is the identification document that accredits as a user of the Public Health System of Navarre. You must present your passport and documentation that shows that you have been living for 3 months: it can be the registration certificate, the entry visa, a social report or rental invoices, light bills, school registration, etc.

Exceptionally, assistance is provided to persons who are in the period of “temporary stay” less than 90 days from their arrival in Spain, following a report by the worker or social worker of the Health Center endorsed by the Office of Processing TIS.

Asylum-seekers and unaccompanied minors do not need an appointment with the social worker and may immediately apply for the card at the Health Centre admission service.

TIS must be present when applying for or receiving health benefits in public health centres and pharmacies. Application for an individual health card (TIS).

TIS care coverage. In the area of primary care, it includes diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic methods, as well as pharmacological treatment when the care process requires it.


SOS EMERGENCY Navarra. Telephone 112.



CENTRES FOR SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH CARE (CASSyR), OF THE NAVARRE HEALTH SERVICE / OSASUNBIDEA. They provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care for the population throughout Navarre. Each centre consists of a multi-disciplinary team: educators, nurses, midwives, gynaecologists and sexologists. Individual care, group training and counselling are offered to professionals.

Open from 8 to 15 h Monday to Friday. 

Request for an appointment:

By referral from the doctor or family doctor, in case of gynecological problem.

You can go directly to your home center in the following cases: pregnancy or pregnancy test, post-coital pill, contraception, Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy, request information and accompaniment on issues about sexuality, suspected of sexually transmitted infection or sexual assault.

Centres for sexual and reproductive health care in Navarre.

CASSyR TXANTREA ANDRAIZE. Avda. San Cristobal, s/n. Parque del Mundo. Txantrea. Pamplona. Telephone 848 422 766. It also caters for people from other areas, such as young people or vulnerable people or who wish to be cared for in Andraize. Open Monday to Thursday morning and afternoon and Friday only morning.

Young program. They serve young people Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon, with appointment and without appointment.

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